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Joe is a fantastic presence on the firing line, and is an outstanding instructor, able to engage all ability and comfort levels at their pace. You’re bound to walk away with marked improvement to your existing skill base. I’ll definitely attend another course with McCall Tactical!


I've been shooting off and on since I was a kid. I'm comfortable with firearms, and I'm an OK shot. I knew I would learn something going to the Pistol 1 training with McCall Tactical. I was not disappointed. Joseph is a great teacher. He's patient and thorough. He'll work with each person individually to help you figure out what areas you need to improve.

I'm going to spend some time at the range, then sign up for Pistol 2.

UPDATE: Just did a 2nd class with Joey @ McCall Tactical. Wasn't disappointed. This one was a "private group class" and was a lot of fun. Learned some new skills and improved some existing skills.


The Pistol 1 course put on by Joey and his wife was absolutely worth doing! At the end of the day, both my skill and confidence safely using a pistol had improved a great deal and I left with a clear understanding of what and how to practice. The shooting drills were fun and both the skill and professionalism of the instructor were impressive. The training facility was excellent and happens to have a very affordable annual membership fee. In my opinion, whatever your current skill level happens to be, Joey has the skill set to help you improve and he clearly loves what he is doing. Don’t hesitate to take the class. Just do it and you won’t regret it!


Thank you for the awesome class! I had a great time!


Thanks for all the awesome instruction! It was a great time!


Awesome instruction, thank you. Can't wait to go again.


Joey is an excellent and patient teacher. Doesn't matter if you've never shot before, or you shoot on a regular basis, McCall Tactical can help.


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