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"Pistol 1" constitutes the building blocks of a solid pistol shooting foundation. However, these skills are perishable. 


To maintain the level of proficiency you achieved by the end of the class and to advance to the next level, it is critical that you continue to practice these techniques as often as possible. 


Shooting Basics to always focus on:


-Start from the ground up: get in your fighter stance, feet pointed at your target, hips and shoulders square to your target. 

-Establish a firm grip with the web of your dominant hand high on the beaver tail, lock the wrist of your support hand and marry it to your dominant hand. 

-Raise your elbows with a slight bend; tighten your grip until the sights shake then relax slightly till they stabilize. 

-Find the wall, establish your sight picture with an upright head position and both eyes open, and smoothly squeeze through the trigger. 

-"OFF-ON!" Remember to reset immediately after each shot even if you are not taking a followup shot.


Use the following drills as homework to continue your training: 


1.) Accuracy: 

From 7 yards, slow fire 10 rounds  while focusing on the fundamentals; be as accurate as possible. With each shot, take note of your stance, grip, sight picture, the wall, and shot anticipation.  


2.) Shoot-Reload-Shoot: 

From 7 yards, start with one round in the chamber and an empty magazine. Draw from concealment, shoot, reload, then shoot again. Reset and repeat. Concentrate on being smooth not fast, proper grip, your happy place (ready position), and pushing to the target with a high front sight. Shoot 20 rounds with this focus. 


3.) Instinctive shooting: 

From 7 yards, use the backplate or target-focused (double pistol with target centered) method to shoot 10 rounds. Focus on the basics and establish your natural point of aim.


4.) Fast and Accurate:  

From 7 yards, shoot 5 rounds as fast as you can while still re-establishing a good sight method between each shot. Repeat from 3 yards. Focus on the basics and your sighting method. Remember, balance your speed and accuracy; distance is also a factor. 


These training drills only take 50 rounds of ammo and around 30 minutes to complete, but the more often you practice them the more advanced and fluent your skills will become. 


Happy shooting and reach out if you have any questions.

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