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No matter the circumstances, always use the least amount of force required to resolve a situation. That being said, using deadly force against another human being is absolutely justifiable given certain criteria. There is true evil in the world that seeks to destroy you, others in your community, and your way of life. Justification must be determined long before that moment when everything happens in the blink of an eye, or evil will prevail. Ask yourself, what is worth fighting for? Do you value the life of an individual attempting to murder, rape, or assault you more than your own? Even if you have a belief system that makes you confident in your fate, how do you justify allowing that individual to continue to hurt others (which they most certainly will)? What if the situation changed, and it was a loved one or a member of your community in danger, would you still hesitate to take action? In this world, there are individuals that have submitted to a reprobate mind and seek nothing more than doing anything they want at the expense of others; there is no other recourse than to act with overwhelming violence to bring an end to those seeking to do evil. McCall Tactical teaches you to use the Deadly Force Triangle concept to determine if violence towards another human being is justified. 

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